• Favorable geographical position of the City of Kragujevac

    Kragujevac is the macro-regional center of Serbia, the fourth largest city in Serbia with a population of 179,417. It is located in the heart of Sumadija and Serbia, 140 km away from the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, towards south when taking the E10 highway. It covers an area of ​​835 square kilometers.

    north latitude 44 ° 22 ′
    longitude 20 ° 56 ′
    altitude 180m.

    In addition to the extensive road network that connects Kragujevac with a large number of cities and towns, there are four main routes for railway traffic:

    Kragujevac – Belgrade – Subotica – Budapest
    Kragujevac – Podgorica – Bar (seaport)
    Kragujevac – Skopje – Thessaloniki (seaport).

  • Free trade agreements

    Interim Trade Agreement with the EU,
    CEFTA Agreement,
    Agreement with EFTA members,
    Free Trade Agreement with Russia,
    Free Trade Agreement with Belarus,
    Free Trade Agreement with Kazakhstan,
    Free Trade Agreement with Turkey,
    Preferred business regime with the United States of America.

  • Fiscal benefits

    Exemption from the payment of VAT on the entry of goods into the free zone, as well as the provision of transport and other services in connection with the entry of goods.

    Exemption from VAT on sales of goods and services in the free zone.

    Exemption from the payment of VAT on the sale of goods between users of two free zones.

    Exemption of production users from paying VAT on energy consumption (electricity, gas, fuel oil, coal).

  • Customs benefits

    Exemptions from payment of customs duties and other import duties on goods intended for the performance of activities and construction of facilities in a free zone (raw materials, equipment, construction materials).

  • Local government benefits

    If it is determined by the location conditions that the land on which the building is being constructed is not fully equipped with communal infrastructure, which does not represent a necessary condition for the functioning of the building being constructed, the amount of the calculated contribution for the regulation of the construction…

    The contribution for the regulation of the construction land, determined by the decision on the building permit, shall be paid by the investor, before the submission of the application. The contribution from the preceding paragraph may be paid on a one-off basis or in installments.

    In case of full one-time payment of the contribution, which is made within 60 days from the day of the validity of the decision referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, the investor shall be entitled to a reduction in the amount of 40% of the determined contribution.

    In the case of a full single payment of the contribution, after the expiration of 60 days from the date of the validity of the building permit, and until the submission of the application, the investor is entitled to a reduction of 30% of the determined contribution.

  • Financial benefits

    Free movement of capital, profits and dividends;

    Funds from the budget of the Republic of Serbia for financing investment projects in the manufacturing and services sectors that may be subject to international trade.

  • Effective administration in a free zone (One Stop Shop)

    The following logistics services are available to the users of the free zones at preferential prices: organization of transport, transhipment, loading, shipping services, agency services, insurance and reinsurance services, banking transactions, etc.

  • Simple and fast customs procedure

    There is a customs office in each free zone.

    Also, the customs procedure in free zones has been simplified.